Ways to update your home interior

If your home is looking a little old-school, it might be time to think about doing a few things to get a fresh look in time for summer. There are a lot of small things that you can do yourself that add up to improving the overall vibe. Read on as I explain some of the trending ideas and styles.

Firstly, don’t rush it! I know it’s exciting looking at beautiful interiors in magazines, but take your time to do your research, decide what looks you like and don’t like and what will work with the existing structure of you home. Create a moodboard to collate of your findings into one place to then have good overall idea of what you want to create. Be sure about your direction rather than taking bits and pieces from various styles.

When choosing furniture for your new look, remember scale is important. If you live in a small house or apartment, large furniture can clutter small rooms and make it appear as though there is less space. If your dwelling has several smaller rooms, you have two options really – choose smaller, more suitable pieces or knock down walls! If you do go down the path of extensive interior renovation, consider installing bifold doors internally and exterior folding doors to outdoor areas. These are very popular in contemporary architecture as they can be used to create large open living spaces and seamless transitions to the outdoors.

If you are on a tight budget, second hand or vintage items can be an easy way of providing warmth and character to a space. Think about what will work with the overall colour scheme or conversely use unique vintage pieces to deliberately brake a monochrome colour scheme. Vintage is not to everyone’s tastes but with a bit of luck you can really transform your house quite cheaply.

Investing in quality feature items can really lift the overall interior of any home. Think about investing in a quality dining table or lounge, some one-off art pieces or designer lighting that will create a focal point to the room. Quality fittings and taps can also add a “designer” touch to kitchens or bathrooms. Door hardware such as handles can be cost effective way of updating a look – consider stainless steel for decades of hassle-free opening and closing. If you have any sliding doors or folding doors, look into replacing it with quality sliding and folding door hardware. Investing in these quality items may seem expensive, but the long term benefits are worth it.