There are lots of pro’s to riding and owning a bike whether as a mode of transport or just get out and burn some energy. But how to store it? If you live in the city and are short on space, there are lots of fresh ideas to store your iron horse that won’t have you tripping over it.

Britans have a lot to learn from the apartment loving New Yorkers when it comes to clever storage solutions in small spaces. Enter the pulley! If you have a void somewhere in your home, good news, you can hoist your bike up into it on a specific bike pulley system. This gets it out of the way and out of the eye line of everyone. It can also look great and add a free sculptural element to your ceiling!

You can also look at parking it vertically against a beam or wall by using a specific bike hook that attaches to the structure. If you have a nice bike, it can add real style to your interior too. If you are really keen also, there is nothing stopping you colour coordinating your bike to match your interior.

A slightly different approach is to suspend the bike from a rope or hook arrangement. If you are going to do this somewhere very visible, consider the background carefully. I would recommend a blank wall without too much going on it to keep the bike as the feature of the wall.

What I have seen appearing more commonly is also the rise of the custom built bike stand. This can take many shapes and forms depending on your décor or personal style preference. A custom built wooden rack which you can slide your bike into works well in modern interiors or a vintage metal rack for the more industrial look.