Adding natural materials to your home

With the current move towards indoor outdoor living, designers and home owners are incorporating more natural materials into their homes than ever before. But is this a trend or something more elemental to the human condition. After all we are derived from nature and for most of our existence on earth have lived directly within it.

Natural materials give us that indescribable “warm” feeling of contentment that most man made materials cannot. Timber for instance with its imperfections and beautiful tones can be used for floors, wall coverings, cladding or furniture and instantly gives character and warmth to any building. Timber fits with pretty much all colour schemes, though my personal favourite is paring it with dark charcoals and blues to give an elegant and sophisticated feel. I have also seen some great architecture that combines rammed earth with timber as the two tend to play off each other with similar aesthetics.

To really get timber into key features of your home, consider selecting door hardware that has a natural timber finish rather than being painted. Brio use a range of quality timber that combines the natural allure of timber with cutting edge minimalist design. All their doors use quality stainless steel hardware to ensure smooth functioning for many years.

Marble and limestone have been used for thousands of years to build and adorn homes. It is a natural material that ages beautifully and contrary to most people’s opinion it can be used to create a feeling of warmth – its all about the lighting and the accompanying materials. Many people are wary of using marble because it can stain, however if you embrace this as a positive it can actually really add character to the material. Just make sure you keep those lemons or other acidic foods away from marble as these will eat into the marble.

Limestone has similar qualities to marble with rich veins of colour running through the stone. A good design tip is to select your limestone first and then use the tone of the colour veins as a guide to select complimentary hues. Choose floor colours or furniture in natural timber to compliment the stone and create warmth within the space.