You don’t need to spend thousands to make your kitchen sparkle. If you are prepared to get your hands dirty and use a little imagination, amazing results can be had that won’t break the bank.

Change Light Fittings
OK, you may need to walk past those 1000 pound lights that were hand made by artisans, and take a look at the range of beautiful replica lights that are available these days. From copper pendants to wooden sculptural pieces, lights can really add style and wow factor for very little outlay.

Add New Door Hardware
If you have a good quality kitchen its worth upgrading the hardware to match current trends. You can really alter the look and feel of a space by change the handles or knobs of you cupboards. Just remember to add up how many handles you’ll need as it can add up fast!

Install Servery Windows
Ok so this is on the higher end of the low budget, but can make a huge impact on the function and appearance of the kitchen. This idea stems from the restaurant industry and has worked its way into residential design. You can either create an internal bar like feel by installing the windows between the kitchen and the dining area. Better yet, consider install the window to the outside and creating a small bench area for guests to sit or when feeding the kids breakfast. In terms to the door hardware, its really important to choose high quality products that will last the test of time. Brio make some of the best in the business, with their range of door hardware for servery windows and bifold doors. All their products use stainless steel and smooth bearings for effortless function and style.

Paint the Kitchen cabinets
If your kitchen is a bit cookie cutter white and drab, consider painting the cupboards. You can go for a minor change using duck egg blue, or pale green for vintage look, or dark grey and black for contemporary look. Just remember to remove your door hardware before painting, as you don’t want to paint over your nice new metal handles.

Update the Fridge
If you don’t’ have the cash to upgrade the fridge, try using chalkboard paint for fun look that will keep the kids occupied while you cook and clean. You can also get creative and draw your own illustrations or keep a running list of what needs replenishing in the fridge foodwise.